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This page contains the latest MediaBox drivers and updates. Please read the README.update in the updates folders for upgrade or patching instructions. You may patch your system using the ftp, http automatic update or simply download the patch and run it as root. Please consult your manual for more information.

Spectra8 Video Capture Card Drivers

Spectra 8 Windows Drivers and application example code.
Here is a simple video capture application that will help you test your Spectra8 card. It can also save and preview live video.

98/ME/2000/XP amcap.exe new! 08/12/2003
Documentation amcap.DOC

98/ME/2000/XP Spectra8_V1006.exe new! 22/07/03

98/ME/2000/XP Spectra8_SDK_V1006.exe new! 22/07/03

Linux Drivers

Note: The Spectra8 Video capture card is 100% compatible with the BTTV-878 chipset drivers. BTTV-878 is one of the most popular video capture chipset with great support for virtually any platform.

Development Release 0.9.3 Requires: kernel with v4l2-api patch applied. Recent modutils (>= 2.4.14). More information can be found here.

MediaBox software updates

10/29/2003 Current production MediaBoxOS level is i-media v,2.4.2
Note: MediaBox OS version number has no relation to Linux kernel version.

MediaBox software updates are available to registered users,
please contact for more information.

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