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Spectra 8 is the next generation of multi-input video capture card allowing you to build digital surveillance systems using multi video input devices capturing up to 30 fps per input in PAL/SECAM/NTSC. Based on the popular Conexant BT878 chips, Spectra8 has ample driver support on multiple platforms such as Win 98/ME/2000/XP and Linux 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6

Multi-input capture card

Allows you to simultaneously capture video from 4
independent video sources at 30 fps, producing a total of
120 fps with the application of your choice and with
resolutions up to 768x576 (full broadcast resolution).

Additional inputs

With the Spectra8 PCI expansion card, software selectable
inputs are available, increasing the additional number of
independent video sources to 8. When 8 video input
sources are used, the video capture frame rate per channel
will decrease to 15, providing a total of 8x15 FPS (120 fps).

Linux driver and application support:

Based on the award winning BT878 chipset, the Spectra8
has unmatched application and driver support. Hundreds
of applications were written for BT878, allowing you to
choose from a large variety of security and video
broadcast application.

Technical Specifications

Single standard PCI card
Plug and Play, four channel video capture card
BT878 video capture chipset, low latency DMA access.
Video capture size up to 768x576
On-board video inputs: 4 BNC Connector
External PCI bracket expansion card with 4 additional BNC inputs
Power consumption: <5W
Board size 96mmx157mm


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