MediaBox in Action
Radio and Television

World Radio Network is encoding multiple streams using the MediaBox.
WRN is one of the world's leading international broadcasters. WRN carries live audio newscast streams in RealAudio, Windows Media and StreamWorks 24 hours a day from 25 of the world's leading public and international broadcasters.

Disney Online is using the MediaBox to broadcast extreme sports over the Internet.

Corporate Training

Stylus Strategic Communications - corporate communication in multiple formats and multiple languages at the same time using the Media Box. Stylus Inc. provides superior, high-impact, end-to-end corporate communications solutions.  


Ituner has continually provided us the best of breed delivery systems -
incredible reliability and outstanding service - their global experience in
streaming shows - they are hands down the best service money can buy - with
complete solutions from hardware to hosting.  I recommend them to everyone
who needs a streaming solution.

TJ Marbois
Sub-tract Consulting

The Mediabox AS-2600's ease of use has made it indispensable for simple, scalable, and reliable internet broadcasting - from the equipment rack of a modern dance club, to the server rooms of the most demanding corporate environments. Protolab relies on the Mediabox to broadcast and stream our musical performances and recordings. It's multiple encoder support insures none of your listeners are left out.

Gustavo Lanzas

Here, at Radio Romania International, the MediaBox has been proving its reliability by broadcasting in real-time all our 3 channels since February 2000. We are very impressed with its hardware - a powerful and compact system optimized for a long time stable operation. Three magic concepts emerge to describe the MediaBox: stability, security, and ease-to-use. If the first two concepts are natural to its Linux operating system, the third one is due to a very attractive Web-based administration. I also have to emphasize the quality of the MediaBox audio encoders and the performance of the streaming servers. I think that the Mediabox is a complete solution for anyone who wants to broadcast over Internet.

Valy Danci 
Radio Romania International

"We have MediaBox at Location1 for 8 months or so. It is incredible reliable and well done product. The time machine is encoding at all times, either QT or RM streams. RM encoding has a Web admin interface that makes it really easy to set up the encoding"

Drazen Pantic
Location 1



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