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Ituner Networks selects Celestin Group for streaming media market development

SILICON VALLEY, Ca. (Sept.12, 2002) Ituner Networks Corp, a leading global provider of multi-format streaming media devices, today announced a partnership with Celestin Group, LLC (CG) to support its business development efforts in the corporate communications and reseller channel markets. Ituner sought the sales and marketing support services provided by CG in preparation for its Q4 2002 roll-out of its next-generation MediaBox suite of streaming content encoders, decoders, and server technologies.

Offering the only Linux-based one-box and multi-box streaming multimedia technologies, Ituner has established a strong reputation as a quality provider of turnkey streaming solutions supporting such mainstream broadcasters such as Disney Online and World Radio Networks. Ituner's new suite of products expands upon its dedication to providing world-class quality of service with optimized price/performance specifications.

Celestin Group, LLC is a professional services firm specializing in providing custom business development and marketing expertise to leading entrepreneurial companies in the digital audio/video, multimedia, and PC-based entertainment arena.

"Ituner perceives a strong potential to grow market share and expand our profitability by collaborating with Celestin Group," comments Andrei Bulucea, Ituner's chief executive officer. "CG's strong ties and understanding of the channel combined with Ituner's unique and high-quality product lines makes for a powerful recipe to expand our business and better serve the growing demand for streaming multimedia".

"Serious Internet broadcasters have come to realize that software-based streaming simply can't deliver the quality and reliability that businesses need to communicate to their stakeholders," observes Toussaint Celestin, CG's chief consultant officer. "Ituner's format independent hardware solutions clearly stand out from the average marketplace offerings and we're excited about the growth opportunities that will arise from this type of product superiority."

Ituner's streaming technologies are format independent, supporting all major streaming solutions including RealNetworks, WMA, MP3, Vorbis, MPEG4, and QTSS. The company's flagship product, MediaBox, provides streaming media server encoding and decoding for live and on-demand audio and video. Ituner also hosts a global broadband network comprised of multiple distribution hubs along with a comprehensive international radio and TV station portal, Worldband.com.

About iTuner

Privately held Ituner Networks Corporation provides turnkey streaming solutions for companies that want to broadcast to large audiences over the Internet. Ituner is the maker of the MediaBox, the award winning multi-format streaming server capable of multicast or unicast streaming of high quality video and audio through broadband networks at various stream rates in multiple formats.

In 1996 Ituner pioneered the implementation and use of splitting and buffering technologies, gathering live signals from multiple sources across the world. Today the company provides an important streaming service role by providing fast, un-metered, non-oversubscribed 1Mbps, 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps live and on-demand streaming media services for radically low pricing levels.

About Celestin Group

Based in Silicon Valley, Celestin Group is a professional services and consulting company providing product marketing, business development, and strategic alliance support to growing companies in the digital audio, multimedia, and high tech entertainment industries. CG specializes in facilitating channel market opportunities within the US for foreign-based vendors supplying music production, broadcast, streaming, and related media technologies.





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