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With the latest format additions, the MediaBox is by far the streaming solution that includes most of the streaming platforms and protocols! The competition was simply left in the dust. Check it out!

2.4.0 Release Multi-format additions

- MPEG2 support (Audio, Video) added (VS-2601)
- Windows Media support (Audio, Video) added! (VS-2601)
- HelixProducer support added (VS-2601/AS2600)
- OggVorbis 1.0 encode/decode added!
- Spinners (play-lists) for MP3 and OGG-Vorbis

2.4.0 Release System Additions

- Cool Blue backlit LCDs.
- Internal monitor speaker added for the MediaBox decoder series (MD)
- CPU, and FAN speed monitoring are now available via the LCD interface
- Linux 2.4.19 with low latency support
- Apache 1.3.26 security fixes
- Midiman 1010 and OSS 3.9.7c support added
- Mediabox watchdog improvements, 10% faster (pid-watcher kernel module)
- Added latest BTTV, i2c and SIS sensors support
- Improved bandwidth stats
- Improved network setup system
- Stereo Vu-Meter on LCD and more.

2.4.0 will be available 9/20/2002.


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