Setting the Basic Host Information


If logged in successfully, you should be able to see the following menu:



  Using TAB and the arrow keys, navigate to the correct options.


Step 1 Assign the IP information:

  From the main menu, go to: "Basic Host Information"



  Step 2  Assign name server information:


From the main menu, go to "Name server specification (DNS)". Use the TAB and the arrow keys to navigate to the correct menu. Enter the necessary information:


  Step 3  Assign the gateway information.


In order to route to the Internet you need to assign a default gateway.

From the main menu, go to "Routing and Gateways". Select "Defaults".

Enter your gateway information:


Note: Do not select "enable routing".



  Step 4  Save your changes

  From the main menu, select “Quit” and then select “Activate your changes”.



Step 5  Login as root (consult your password and login information card) and type:

  [root@realbox]#  shutdown now -r

  Congratulations! You are now on the network. Disconnect your monitor and keyboard and use any browser to operate your MediaBox.


Go to: or


             Do not use the above addresses for your MediaBox!

If you don't have an I.P. address, contact your system administrator or your ISP.