How Your MediaBox Works

The MediaBox allows any professional or non-professional broadcaster  to start broadcasting on the Internet in a matter of minutes.

The box can be used to transmit data in between radio stations, archive events and news and perform simulcasts or broadcast, live, directly to the listeners in RealAudio and MP3.

The box can operate without a monitor, most of the settings and operations are done over the web! In situations where bandwidth is not available in great quantities, the box can send a tiny stream to our servers for re-broadcasting. Furthermore, the box will be able to handle multiple television channels as well as radio. Also, it is not necessary to have a box for every station: We can encode up to 3 stations on the same box!

Selected models are equipped with a powerful computer controlled radio that can pick up any frequency in between 0-1,300 Mhz,  allowing the box operator to re-broadcast instantly any radio station available on the air: For example, the box can be programmed to pick up and archive the 7:00am news from station A and at 8:00am it will switch to Station B to record its news program. It can do so all day long, gathering a great deal of news and information.