Quick Network Setup    

Required items:


Hardware: Keyboard, PC monitor, MediaBox, network cable, network hub.

Network: I.P. Address, netmask, Default Gateway, primary and secondary DNS server address.

(If you don't have an I.P. address, contact your system administrator or your ISP)


Note: The network cable provided with the MediaBox will not work if you connected the MediaBox directly to a computer. You will need a hub (not included) in order to connect to the MediaBox. If you don't have a hub, please use a 'twisted' or 'rolled' network cable.

MediaBox is set for 110V AC. If you live outside the US, please make sure you have the proper voltage settings.


Step 1  Hook up your RealBox into your network as in Fig 1.1.





Step 2  Turn ON the MediaBox.

                As with any computer, do not turn off or on your machine during the booting process. You can              damage or corrupt the hard disk.

Step 3  After the machine boots up, login as "admin". (Please consult your password card for the password).


 MediaBox-Linux (MediaBoxOS) release 6.0.1

 WARNING: This is a restricted access server.  If you do not have explicit permission to access this system, please disconnect immediately.

  login: admin

password: ********