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Audio Card:

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 8:0 db (Amp out)
Sampling Rate for Playback/Recording (Stereo): KHz - 44.1 KHz
Supply Voltage Requirement (Loading): +5, +12, -12 Volt
Current Consumption (Typical): 300, 500, 30 MA respectively
Microphone Impedance: 600 Ohms
Line-In Impedance: 47 K Ohms
CD Audio-In Impedance: 47A K Ohms
Microphone Sensitivity:10 - 200 m Vpp
Line-In Sensitivity: 0 - 2 Vpp *
CD Audio-In Sensitivity: 0 -2 Vpp *

Video Card:

Video Input Formats: NTSC or PAL format
32-bit/5-volt PCI card
Displays Uncompressed video at: 30 fps














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Disney Online is using the MediaBox to broadcast extreme sports over the internet.

B2-92   After being seized by the Government, B2-92  was back up "on air", Its Internet broadcast is powered by a MediaBox.

Radio Romania International (RRI) All RRI's three channels are handled by one MediaBox. 

National Romanian Television (TVR)
24 hours a day of high speed Internet  television, an easy task for the MediaBox. 

"We have MediaBox at Location1 for 8 months or so. It is incredible
reliable and well done product. All the time machine is on encoding,
either QT or RM streams. RM encoding has a Web admin interface, and
makes it really easy to set encoding stream up..."
Drazen Pantic - Location 1