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Press Releases

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Mar 16, 2001

Ituner announces EE-Radio Project in critical moment

The East European Radio Project has reached a critical moment in its existence. High costs and insufficient funds have forced Ituner to limit bandwidth allocation for the existent members and to suspend new memberships in the program. Under the current circumstances, Ituner can no longer provide free broadcasting service to any new station.

Some of the stations in the EE-Radio were very popular and the new bandwidth allocation schedule has severely limited the listeners' access to these stations programs. Ituner understands that this is very frustrating for some listeners and we apologize for the inconvenience. We ask the listeners to understand that we are doing our best to continue to offer free broadcasts to everybody, but the recent economic conditions imposed limits on our project as it did to everybody else.

Also the EE-Radio program is facing another problem. Lately some of the East European stations have been forced to reduce their Internet activity to the point where their Internet presence have become increasingly unreliable. In this situation, Ituner can not do anything, but wait for the respective stations to resume their activity. We encourage the listeners to visit the stations homepages and to send emails directly to them when such problems occur.

The EE-Radio Project was founded in 1996 to help Radio and TV stations in the regionto reach a broader audience of the public with the message of free press, free speech and free spirit. Under this program, Ituner has provided free broadcasting services to more than 20 Eastern and Central European local and national radio and TV stations.

About Ituner Networks Corporation

Ituner Networks Corporation is a privately owned Corporation, located in Silicon Valley, California. Ituner Networks offers Class A Telco/Broadcast facilities, currently operating via multiple DS-3, OC12 and T-1s connections offering direct lines to multiple Internet Backbone peering points. In late 1996, Ituner was the first company to implement and successfully use splitting and buffering technologies, gathering live signal from multiple sources around the world.

Mission Statement

To provide a turnkey, format independent streaming solution for companies that want to broadcast to large audiences over the Internet. We are developing large scale broadcasting systems, operating congestion free, distributed networksof streaming audio and video servers, and creating value-added solutions to meet all customers needs. Our Broadcast sites are located in San Jose, San Francisco, London and Eastern Europe.

Ituner is the founder and sponsor of EE-Radio Relay, the first Eastern European Internet Radio Relay. Since 1996, EE-Radio brings live and on demand radio from more than 10 Eastern European Radio Stations using signal splitting technologies. Since its inception Ituner has served several millions of listeners around the world.

Products and Services

1)       MediaBox[tm]: an Internet broadcasting appliance for encoding and streaming live and on-demand audio and video content.

2)       Ituner Broadcast Network: a global broadband network comprised of multiple distribution hubs located in key geographical regions.

3) a comprehensive station guide and broadband portal focused on foreign content - where people can find and tune in to over 3,000 International Radio and TV stations.  

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Products and services

Bandwidth Services:
Non-blocked, non-oversubscribed 1Mbps, 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps Internet Broadcasting Services for radically low, un-metered pricing levels. Read more

Ituner develops and markets Internet streaming appliances designed to make the deployment of audio and video applications quick, easy and affordable. Read more

Ituner offers attractive commissions and discounts for re-sellers and distributors. 

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