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About Ituner Networks Corporation

Ituner Networks is a privately owned Corporation, located in Silicon Valley, California. Ituner Networks Corporation (formerly known as Ituner Internet Broadcasting Services, founded in 1996) has private investors from the U.S. and Europe.

Ituner is the maker of the MediaBox product line,
a professional audio and video streaming server capable of multicast or unicast streaming of high quality video and audio through broadband networks in several concurrent formats at various stream rates.

Mission Statement

To provide a turnkey streaming solution for companies that want to broadcast to large audiences over the Internet. We are developing large scale broadcasting systems, operating congestion free, distributed networks of streaming audio and video servers, and creating value-added solutions to meet our customers needs.

Format independent: Ituner is independent of the streaming media format supporting and integrating all major streaming solutions: RealNetworks, WMA, MP3,  Vorbis and QTSS and finally MPEG4.
Ituner is the founder and sponsor of EE-Radio Relay, the first Eastern European Internet Radio Relay. Since 1996, EE-Radio brings live and on demand radio from more than 15 Eastern European Radio Stations using signal splitting technologies. Since its inception Ituner has served several millions of listeners around the world.

Ituner Networks Corp is "one hop away" from all major US internet nodes. Ituner realizes that fast, non-stop, non congested packet flow is the most critical element in an Internet Centric business model, therefore is using a fault tolerant network that is redundant at seven major network access points, with many global peering arrangements.

Products and Services

1)  MediaBox[tm]: Internet broadcasting servers for encoding and streaming live and on-demand audio and video content.

2)  Ituner Broadcast Network: a global broadband network comprised of multiple distribution hubs.

3)  Worldband.com: a comprehensive station guide and broadband portal focused on foreign content - where people can find and tune in to over 3,000 International Radio and TV stations.  


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