Important note: This page was created in Feb 2003 using open market pricing from and Before you make any purchasing decisions, please make sure that the data used in this example is accurate by visiting's and's (or others) pricing pages.

Assumption #1:
Suppose you have an average of 600 concurrent streaming audio at 16Kbps, for a period of month.
Capacity calculation: 600x16Kbps/1024=9.3Mbps.

600*16Kbps * 60 sec in a minute / 8bits = 72000KBytes/min or 70Mb/min
70Gb/min * 60 min in an hour = 4218MbMB/hr
4218MB/hr * 24 hrs in a day = 101250MB/Day or 98.8Gb/Day
98.8Gb/day * avg. 30 days per/month = 2966GB/month

Total bytes transferred: 395GB/month cost ($.004 per Mbyte transferred): 395*1024*0.007=$12,150/mo
Ituner cost: $1,000/mo

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