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The MediaBox is an embedded audio streaming server capable of multicast or unicast streaming of high quality video and audio through broadband networks at various stream rates in multiple formats: MPEG4, RealAudio, MP3, Vorbis and QTSS.

The MediaBox streaming server enables broadcasters, production studios, ISPs, corporations and individuals to encode, serve and automate live and on-demand video and audio over the Internet(or intranet) in a matter of minutes.

The entire MediaBox product line is now using CompactFlash media storage, no moving parts flash disk.  Our ReiserFS filesytem with journaling capabilities will ensure data integrity to the last bit.
Multiple Streaming protocols - Encode the same source with up to 8 different applications using techologies with archiving.

- RealNetworks RealAudio and RealVideo
- MP3 Live (Icecast)
- Apple QuickTime Streaming Server (Darwin)
- OGG-Vorbis
- HTTP streaming

Integrated decoding tools  - Allows you to receive streams from distant sources. By Using the MediaBoxCron you can schedule start and stop times, URL, recording and volume settings. Decode MP3, OGG-Vorbis, WAV, and RealAudio streams

Superior Audio/Video Capabilities - Encode at the highest quality in RealAudio, RealVideo, MP3, OGG-Vorbis, Quicktime. Control encoding automatically via MediaBoxCron.

Easy, Browser-based administration - With a built-in HTTP server, network operators can configure, manage, and monitor their system from a web browser from anywhere on the network. Simply plug the MediaBox into the network through its 10/100 Ethernet interface, set IP address, set encoding parameters, and start broadcasting

MegaBroadcast - The MediaBox well exceeds multiple T1/T3 throughput capabilities, capable of sustaining 95Mbps of TCP/IP traffic. Zero Copy Networking: The MediaBox OS enables the Network Adapter to access data directly from the kernel, dramatically increasing network and CPU performance.

Small Footprint, Stable, Embedded OS - While others use large OS distributions, we compressed everything into 16Mb*, no moving parts flash disk. Furthermore, our ReiserFS file system with fast journaling capabilities will ensure data integrity to the last bit.

Open Platform - The MediaBox runs on a very small, bullet proof Linux distribution, the industry standard of open platform architectures.

Embedded Web Server - MediaBox streaming server will serve your web pages right out of the box, supporting hundreds of http connections.

Advanced Monitoring - Web based monitoring (real time and historical) of bandwidth consumption using SNMP agents.

Automate with MediaBoxCron - Automating tasks has never been easier. Simply tell your MediaBox when to start encoding, when to stop, which audio card to use, and MediaBoxCron will take care of the rest.

Power loss recovery: In case of a power hit, the MediaBox will restart encoding and will remember the exact previous settings.

1U rackmount - Low profile 1U unit design, only 19"W x 14"D x 1.75"H

*NOTE: Size can vary depending on distribution options. Available distributions are 16Mb, 32Mb



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