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How much memory should you have configured on your MediaBox?

The MediaBox consumes little memory for the OS and GUI management. A minimal configuration can ran on as little of  16Mb of RAM. However, the more servers or encoders you start, the MediaBox will start consuming more memory. Default memory for the MediaBox  2600 series is 128Mb and it should work on most situations, even if all servers are started. Depending on the number of concurrent users you are planning to use, you might need to order more memory (see Memory Upgrade Pack), under Products/Add-Ons.

Sounds gets garbled, what should I do?

Under heavy load, the encoded output can get garbled. This is due to low CPU resources. Please ensure that your total CPU load does not exceed 60%. To get realtime CPU stats, you use the system stats options or from a command line type the following command:
system% vmstat 1

Stop the encoder, change the encoder settings* and restart.
Usually the higher the encoding rate is the more CPU is consumed.

When encoding multiple instances, some encoder output sounds  metallic.

This is due to the fact that all IMUX devices operate at a fixed sampling rate of 44100Hz. Selecting other encoding rates from your encoder application might cause a sampling mismatch. You can change the IMUX sampling rate from the Sound Configuration Options or by simply editing /opt/oss/options.cfg. The Mediabox needs to be rebooted after this change. 

What is the best audio encoding rate?

Depending on your broadcast application, several audio encoding rates can be selected. For voice applications stream rates in between 5-20Kbps will work just fine. For voice combined with music we recommend sampling rates in between 20-56Kbps. For music encoding rates from 56 to 128Kbps will produce an adequate response. For stereo music please select rates over 64Kbps. Depending on your available bandwidth one might choose to trade quality for quantity. Here is an example:

100 16Kbps streams = 12 128Kbps streams

How many simultaneous users can the Mediabox serve?

Provided that your ISP can sustain data rates of 100Mbs, the MediaBox can stream as follows:

6,400 16Kbps  streams
1,828 56Kbps  streams
800  128Kbps  streams

The more streams you serve, the more bandwidth and memory you will use. Always check the health on the MediaBox with the "Stats" selection. This example was calculated using MP3 streams. When using Real streams you need to purchase an license in order to be able to use more simultaneous streams.



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