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What do I need to broadcast over the Internet?
The easy solution to Internet broadcasting is Ituner's MediaBox, all in one  audio and video encoder/server. The MediaBox will change the way you broadcast to large audiences through the Internet. With advanced features such as web control, encoding, scheduling and multiple input devices, the MediaBox  places you in control of your broadcast.

Do you need a computer to control the MediaBox?
The MediaBox Streaming Server was primary designed to be administered over the web, from any web browser (Netscape 4.x and higher, Internet Explorer 5.x or higher). The  MediaBox streaming server can be accessed from any PC connected to the Internet. Simply point your browser to the name/IP or MediaBox IP address. The web interface is protected by a login and password. 

Several administration and monitoring functions can be done vie the MEdiaBox LCD/Keypad. Set the IP address, netmask, DNS and default gateway, reboot or halt the system, monitor CPU, disk, memory and process usage, VU-meters, view (tail) log files and many others,

What formats does the MediaBox support? 
The MediaBox Streaming Server can encode live, in MPEG4, MP3, Vorbis RealAudio and RealVideo formats, all at once, or it can serve on-demand content in MP3, RealAudio and RealVideo as well as QuickTime. With our cron feature you can schedule the MediaBox to start and stop encoding at any time in multiple formats with a precision of +/1 millisecond.

How many inputs does the MediaBox handle?
The MediaBox Streaming Server has multiple inputs (depends on the configuration of your MediaBox). All audio inputs are equipped with RCA or mini-headphone jacks for input. Most MediaBox models have one input, however selected models can have up to 8 hardware inputs. All MediaBox models have up to 16 IMUX (input multiplexer) devices, allowing multiple recording applications to connect to the same hardware device.

What bit-rate can the MediaBox encode in?
The MediaBox Streaming Server streaming server can encode audio ranging from 5 kbps to 256 kbps and it can encode video ranging from 5 kbps to 1Mbps kbps.

Can the  MediaBox be a server as well?
Yes, you can serve and encode all from the same box, live or on-demand content. The MediaBox comes with a built-in web server with a 100 Mbps NIC, capable of sustaining data rates up to 80 Mbps. It supports all major protocols and services: RTSP, HTTP, NFS, Samba, Netatalk, SMTP and FTP.

How much can I store in the MediaBox?
The storage capacity on each broadcast server is in between 16Mb (standard CF) and 200Gb (optional hard drive), depending on configurations. For example, about 2 years of non-stop audio can be archived in 80Gb of storage.  Additional capacity can be added, or the MediaBox can mount remote servers using SAMBA.

How many concurrent users can the MediaBox serve?
Provided that your ISP can sustain data rates of 100Mbs, the MediaBox can stream as follows:

6,400 16Kbps  streams
1,828 56Kbps  streams
800  128Kbps  streams

The more streams you serve, the more bandwidth and memory you will use. Always check the health on the MediaBox with the "Stats" selection. This example was calculated using MP3 streams. When using Real streams you need to purchase an license in order to be able to use more simultaneous streams.

Can the MediaBox broadcast on intra-net?
Yes, the MediaBox can be set up on Intranet as well as the Internet.

Do you need bandwidth providers (ISPs) to broadcast on Intranets?
No bandwidth providers (ISPs) are needed to broadcast on Intranets with the MediaBox. Intranets are closed networks, meaning you are not going through the Internet, therefore no bandwidth services are needed.

What kind of internet broadcasting services does Ituner offer along with the MediaBox?
Ituner offers a simple, scalable service, streaming services. These services are designed for radio stations and business web sites. Sites with streaming capabilities can take advantage of the live splitting, archiving and simulcasting services for localization and  redundancy. Non-stop, congestion free, scalable bandwidth offers flexibility in managing your traffic flow

Does Ituner service the MediaBox?
The MediaBox comes with 1 Year Warranty for any hardware failures. For more information about support and updates for the MediaBox, please contact .

Does Ituner have trial arrangements for the MediaBox?
Ituner does not have trial arrangements. If you would like to test the MediaBox you can get an online demo. Please contact our sales department 




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