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MediaBox AS-2608 - 8 Input Audio Streaming Server
Price: $5,995

Want more audio inputs?
Say hello to AS-2608,  the only 8 Input Audio Streaming Server

The MediaBox AS-2608 is an embedded streaming server capable of encoding from 8 different inputs of high quality audio through broadband networks at various stream rates in multiple formats: MPEG4, Real, MP3, Vorbis. The MediaBox streaming system is running a very stable embedded Linux operating system.

Applications:  Multi-Input Live Radio and TV, Live Web Events, On-Demand Video and Audio, Training,  Corporate Communications, Distance Learning, Telephony, and Radio Surveillance.

A Real Performer: Built on leading edge technologies, the MediaBox AS-2608 sets a new benchmark for high performance IP streaming. One of the most comprehensive offerings on the market, the MediaBox AS-2608 audio server offers:

MediaBox  AS-2608 Encoding/Decoding Capabilities
Professional 8 analog inputs, balanced or unbalanced on 1/4" connector
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 114 dB (A-weighted)
Integrated Decoding Tools (receive streams to produce analog output)
Creates archives from live feeds
Schedule start/stop events for your encoders
Audio levels (vu-meter) and system health LCD monitoring
Web interface: Control audio levels, sampling rates, stream settings and much more.

MediaBox AS-2608 Serving Capabilities
Multi-format, Multi-input live and on-demand streaming
Multiple shoutcast/MP3 servers, QuickTime (QTSS), Vorbis and Real (license required)
Realtime and historical bandwidth monitoring and graphing
Circular logs. Never ran out of storage space on logs
95Mbps sustained throughput, zero copy networking

MediaBox Audio Server Platform
Headless operation, no monitor/keyboard needed
Stable, Embedded Linux OS
Open Platform
Embedded web server
Advanced CPU, Bandwidth and system health Monitoring
Power loss recovery
Smallest form factor in the industry: 1U rackmount, only 11" deep




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